• Feedback Forms: 3
  • Account Users: 3
  • Feedback Items: 1000
Includes all Silver benefits Plus:
  • Two form languages
  • PDF reports and charts
  • Helpdesk via Chat
  • Feedback Forms: 2
  • Account Users: 2
  • Feedback Items: 500
No credit card required
Includes all Bronze benefits Plus:
  • Higher scalability
  • Enhanced account management
  • Helpdesk via Email
  • Feedback Forms: 1
  • Account Users: 1
  • Feedback Items: 200
  • Up and running in minutes
  • Default forms, buttons and categories
  • Add your logo for branding
Annual Subscription - Get 2 months FREE on all packages
" Kampyle feedback helps us understand where to target optimisation efforts, then measure how successful we've been. It provides the "why" to our analytics and influences how we prioritise user experience improvements. "
RLiverpool Victoria David Oliver,
Web Analytics Manager
Liverpool Victoria
  • Which package is right for my goals?
    When choosing a package, be sure to consider:
    • How many feedback forms you will need to accomplish your goals
    • How many feedback items to expect
    • How you plan to share the customer insights within your company
    Contact us to discuss your options with a sales consultant.

    All Kampyle SMB packages – Bronze, Silver or Gold – let you assess how visitors experience your website, products, services, and brand. They provide a suite of tools for collecting, managing, and analyzing feedback. Updated in real-time, the Feedback Inbox and the customer comments therein, let you understand what drives visitor behavior and which issues you need to address.

    Kampyle's "Enterprise Feedback and Customer Engagement Solution" fits complex business requirements such as multiple sites, cross-channel customer touch points, lead generation, auto-reply emails, conversion optimization, integration with Google Analytics, and many more.
  • How many feedback forms do I need?
    The number of feedback forms depends on the level of insight you need in order to achieve your website goals. For best results, the form's categories and sub-categories should be relevant to the page and process in use visitors at the time they submit feedback.

    Kampyle customers overwhelmingly prefer to have at least two distinct forms. A general one that covers most of their website, and one for retrieving insights in specific areas of interest, such as product pages, search functionality, customer support or checkout pages.
  • How does the 15-day free trial work?
    Our 15-day trial provides you with a test drive of the Silver package. Get firsthand experience of Kampyle’s capabilities. The 15-day trial is free. No billing information is required during the set-up of your account.

    At the end of the 15-day trial, Kampyle will automatically convert your account to the free package, unless you have arranged to stay with a paid
  • What is the special offer?
    In case you sign up for an annual subscription, you can enjoy from our special offer. You will be charged for 10 months, but enjoy 12 full months of Kampyle service.
  • Can I change my service package in the future?
    You can upgrade your package at any time, with upgrades going into effect immediately. You may also downgrade your package at any point. Downgrades take effect at the end of the billing cycle.
  • How do I pay for Kampyle service?
    You can pay monthly or annually. Monthly payments are via credit card; annual payments are via credit card or bank transfer. Please see our billing policy.
  • Does Kampyle have a free package?
    Kampyle offers a free account to smaller websites. The free account contains 1 feedback form and 10 feedback items per month, but does not include any forwarding or reporting option.
    We recommend starting with the 15-day Silver trial account that provides you with a strong Kampyle test drive. At the end of the 15-day period, the Kampyle Silver trial account will automatically convert to a free account.
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Account Management
Account Users
3 2 1
Feedback submissions per month
1000 500 200
Encrypted Server Data Transfer
Feedback Management
Feedback Inbox
Feedback Dashboard
PDF Report And Charts
Feedback & Data Collection
Public Webpages (http)
Secured Webpages (https)
Ask a Grading Question
Feedback Form
Feedback Forms
3 2 1
Feedback Form Templates
Category Icons
Feedback Logos
1 1 1
"Thank You" Page
Form Languages
2 1 1
Feedback Buttons
Set of Button Colors
Set of Button Positions
Customer Support
User Forum
Learning Center
Video Tutorials
Helpdesk via Email
Helpdesk via Chat
Deployment Call (approx. 30 min)
We also offer a free package: 10 feedback submissions per month, 1 customized form and basic application

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