New E-Book: Net Promoter Online
Driving Business Success With Actionable Feedback

Looking to incorporate NPS into your digital strategy?

Our latest e-book introduces Net Promoter Online, Kampyle's NPS-integrated feedback platform for enterprises conducting business online.

Drawing from our experience with clients who successfully brought their NPS programs to the web with Net Promoter Online, our e-book demonstrates how you too can seamlessly leverage NPS in your online environment.

Download our free e-book and discover how to:

  • Easily measure NPS for your online business in real-time.
  • Uncover the root causes creating Promoters, Passives and Detractors.
  • Use powerful data segmentation to identify customer conversion opportunities.
  • Create accountability and take informed action to improve customer satisfaction and increase ROI.

Online Business - A Natural Home for NPS

With our world becoming increasingly digitized, businesses have followed their customers online.

E-commerce, mobile apps and social engagement have become intrinsic in doing business and driving revenue growth.

Customer expectations have also increased with access to rich information across multiple channels creating well-educated and connected consumers. Social media and online interactions make us more closely engaged with our customers than ever before.

Despite all the changes, one thing remains the same. When we look to boost our online growth and ROI, customer satisfaction and loyalty is still key to success, just as it is in the bricks and mortar world.

While NPS has been applied successfully offline for measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty, the unique conditions of the online business environment calls for the use of Net Promoter in a more evolved way.


  • Introduction: Net Promoter Evolved
  • Chapter One: Vanity Metric or Actionable Feedback?
  • Chapter Two: Authenticity and Reliability
  • Chapter Three: Taking Action with Net Promoter Online
  • Chapter Four: Driving Change with Ongoing Accountability
  • Conclusion: Net Promoter Online - Driving Business Success


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