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Winning Designs for Online Feedback Buttons

Most things in life are pretty simple if you break them down to their basic elements. Online feedback is no exception. Just think about it – by inviting your users to share their opinion you are telling them that you care. This alone is a powerful tool in building trust and brand loyalty.

While some customers like National Geographic Education have a major focus on a user-informed approach (as evidenced by their large feedback button, above-left), most of our clients deploy buttons in a standard size.

Online Feedback – It all Starts with a Little Feedback Button

While Kampyle offers a wide range of attractive default buttons, some of our customers have come up with wonderful ideas for feedback buttons. Their graphic designers did great work in matching the feedback button with the website look and feel, which is in line with Kampyle’s suggested best practices. A feedback button, like the entire feedback process, should be non-intrusive and user-friendly.

A feedback button has to balance between not disturbing while attracting enough attention. Here are three examples for interesting feedback buttons we want to share with you this week. More to come throughout 2012!

The SurfStitch Feedback Button

SurfStitch is one of Australia’s leading online retailers. Specializing in surf equipment and accessories, the company has rapidly grown its offering to include apparel and other items, in a broad range of fashions and styles.

In addition to being specially designed to match the colors and theme of their site, their feedback button is animated and displays 2 messages – Give Feedback/Click Here.

The Tattoo Sales Feedback Button

Tattoo Manufacturing is the largest manufacturer of temporary tattoos in the world. Printing more than 6 million temporary tattoos a day, Tattoo Manufacturing commands 90% market share in North America and 65% globally. Their peel back-style feedback button is customized with their logo and site colors, drawing attention to the button in a pleasing manner.

The Liverpool Victoria Feedback Button

Founded in 1843, LV or Liverpool Victoria is the UK’s largest friendly society providing their members with an award-winning range of savings, investments and insurance products. Their feedback button not only matches their logo and site design, but also clearly conveys the message that they care about their customers’ opinions and concerns.

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