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When BioTech Met Online Feedback

When Life Technologies, a global biotech company with over 50,000 products and $3.7 billion in sales, began planning a website redesign, they knew that customer feedback would be key to their success.

With frequently complex ordering processes and products split up on two different branded websites (Invitrogen.com and AppliedBiosystems.com), Life Technologies recognized that the first step in enhancing user experience was in gaining authentic and actionable insight from their customers about their pain-points, needs and expectations. To achieve their objective, Life Technologies employed Kampyle’s online feedback platform to engage customers and offer them the opportunity to share their issues on any relevant page or process. Letting Customers Know That Their Feedback Makes a Difference Not only does Life Technologies actually listen to their customers and act on their feedback, they make sure that their customers know about it. Every time customers leave feedback, they receive a message redirecting them to a page highlighting the changes that have been made based on previous feedback.

Summarizing the motivation behind the page, Carlos Herrera, Customer Loyalty Leader at Life Technologies said that

It’s “not about surveys or feedback forms”. Rather he explained, “this is about personally connecting with our customers. Kampyle has helped us to do just that”.

By communicating their appreciation for feedback, Life Technologies has made an invaluable move in building loyalty and increasing the likelihood that customers will continue to share their concerns and issues in the future as well. Informed Optimizations for Enhanced BioTech Shopping By collecting detailed customer feedback Life Technologies was able to easily identify usability flaws in areas such as navigation and shopping features, and come up with a clear vision of what their new site needed to offer.
Examples of the improvements they were able to make based on customer feedback, include:

  • Significant reductions in complaints about “vanishing primer orders” – accomplished by creating clearer instructions and modifying order processing settings.
  • Easier usage of promotional codes – accomplished by creating a new promotions page and simplifying the way promotion codes are entered during the check-out process.
  • Streamlined the way customers can contact relevant departments – accomplished by updating phone menus and eliminating excess contact information (e.g. lengthy lists of phone numbers).
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