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Want to share feedback with co-workers? Forward it to them!

Kampyle makes it a point to listen carefully to customer feedback, and constantly improve on that basis. After all – we are the web’s leading Feedback Analytics platform.

This week Kampyle has added a feature that is a great example of how user feedback can help to improve your site and service: we have received feedback from our customers, we acted on it, and we are now better for it! You may have found yourself in a situation in which you have received feedback whose relevance and importance you wish to emphasize or point out to someone else in your company. But what if that person doesn’t regularly access Kampyle? This may happen, for instance, when a bug is reported by a customer, and it would be great if a specific person in your development team could see it.

Feedback Forwarding

Until now there have been several ways of dealing with this such as exporting to excel or taking a screen shot of the feedback. But this week Kampyle has released a new tool that makes this much easier, quicker and simpler: feedback forwarding.

It is exactly what it sounds: when you encounter a feedback item in your feedback inbox that you would like someone else to see, you can simply forward it to him! Just click on the “Forward” link at the bottom of the feedback item box (or mark several items and click on the “Forward” button at the top of the page), write the recipient’s email address (and your comments) and send it like a regular email.

It’s that simple, that fast, and that useful! Feedback Forwarding This new feature is available immediately. We’d like to thank our customers who have contributed to this new feature, and take the opportunity to invite all of you to Get Feedback and Get Better!

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