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Voice of Customer: How to Engage Your Users Effectively

As we wrote in our previous blog post, Voice of Customer: the Two Key User Engagement Types, A Voice of Customer (VoC) program allows your company to systematically engage with, and listen to, your customers.
In this blog post we are going to review some of the effective ways you can use to engage your users to extract meaningful feedback, by using the right feedback questions and approach. Done correctly, a Voice of Customer program will provide you with the insights you need to improve customer experience and bottom line results, but done poorly, you are both missing out on the opportunity and interrupting your customer’s journey.

The three engagement methods we will explore today are:

  1. General Satisfaction Feedback
  2. Subject Specific Feedback
  3. Task Completion Feedback

General Satisfaction Feedback

The General Satisfaction feedback approach allows you to collect feedback without steering the user in a specific direction. Using this very open method you avoid the “observer effect”, where by asking specific questions you influence the feedback you receive.

Thomas Cook Using Kampyle Feedback
Kampyle customer Thomas Cook uses a general satisfaction approach on their website.

The General Satisfaction approach also allows you to learn the “unknown unknowns”, the issues and challenges you are not aware of. By keeping your feedback form simple and open you are inviting your users to tell you what’s on their mind, not yours. Over time you will uncover issues effecting the customer experience you were not aware of, and by addressing these issues, the rewards will follow.

Points to consider:

  • Make sure you use general questions – this will allow the users to express themselves naturally and without addressing a specific issue you had in mind
  • Include an open text feedback field – this is the only way to learn about the “unknown unknowns”, keep it open and your visitors will do the rest.

In our next post we will review the remaining engagement methods.

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