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Unleash the Unparalleled Power of Open-Text Customer Feedback – Introducing Kampyle Word

You know that qualitative customer insight translates directly into increased ROI. But researching customer free, open-text sentiments is time intensive and costly! Does it have to be this way? Kampyle Word Cloud save you time and costs by eliminating manual text-analysis. Identify common feedback topics with just one quick look and then drill down to examine and track trends and sentiments among your visitors and customers.

Researching customer sentiments as expressed in free, open-text comments is time intensive and costly. But does it have to be this way? We are happy to introduce Kampyle Word Cloud, which now gives you the means to save time and costs by eliminating manual text-analysis. Conveniently identify common feedback topics with just one quick look and then drill down to more closely examine and track trends and sentiments among your visitors and customers.

Meaningful, Actionable and Cost-effective

Kampyle Word Cloud transforms unstructured, open-text feedback comments into a compelling visual representation, combining quantitative with qualitative data, and processing contextual metrics such as popularity and customer satisfaction. Clickable top terms, color-coded sentiment indicators and unlimited data filtering, add to the effectiveness and accessibility of this powerful research tool.

Empowering Online Marketers, Analysts and Managers

  • Easily gain insight into customer attitudes and sentiments
  • Continuously monitor macro trends in customer sentiment with convenient drilldown for micro analysis
  • Incorporate customer feedback and insights into marketing and business intelligence strategies
  • Accelerate time from data to decision by utilizing real-time reporting
  • Save time and costs by eliminating manual text-analysis
  • Export word clouds to share customer insights in a meaningful and compelling way across the organization
  • Generate word clouds inside Kampyle’s Funnel Reporting

Kampyle Word Cloud – Functionality and Examples

Once enabled, Kampyle Word Cloud is available across your Kampyle Reporting Suite. All historic feedback data is processed retroactively making actionable insights available from day one!

Kampyle Word Cloud mines the open-text feedback submitted by your users, and each cloud presents a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 50 keywords. The relative popularity of each keyword is represented by the sizes of its font. In addition, each keyword is color-coded to indicate customer sentiment – based on the average grading provided by the user. Keywords in red indicate negative sentiment, green for positive and grey for neutral.

Actionable Interface

Moving your mouse over each keyword will also show its ranking and sentiment score. Kampyle Word Cloud hyperlinks the top keywords. Clicking on each will drill-down to a filtered view of your Feedback Inbox. The filtered list of feedback items allows you to follow-up on specific trends or concerns by providing access to the original customer comments.

Filter to Explore Customer Sentiments

Gain an even more focused and efficient viewing of open-texts by taking full control of the data set populating Kampyle Word Cloud. By applying filters you directly zone-in on the data that you need, when you need it, all without cluttering your view and attention. Fine-tune Kampyle Word Cloud creating one or a combination out of the following filters, such as:

  • Inclusion / Exclusion of specific terms
  • Specific feedback form
  • Language
  • Country
  • Screen resolution
  • And more…

Kampyle Word Cloud in Funnel Reports

For successful conversion optimization, marketers and sales leaders need a detailed view of what website visitors and customers experience at each and every step during their online journey. At the heart of Kampyle’s Advanced Reporting Suite are Kampyle’s Funnel Optimization Reports. These critical reports also benefit from a new Kampyle Word Cloud view, which generates a custom word cloud for each of your funnel steps. These word clouds provide new and convenient means of understanding, representing and comparing the critical factors at play at each stage in your online conversion process. Drive faster and more precise conversion optimization based on real comments, from real customers.

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