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Two-Fold Lead Generation on Landing Pages

Landing pages are crucial to your web strategy and to your business. Full stop. We assume every reader of our blog is aware of this. No other page on your website causes more internal discussions, needs more attention by your graphic designer, will undergo more A-B testing and will be measured more in detail by your web analysts.

All your online marketing activities will come down to whether your landing page is able to convert visitors into leads or sales. This one single web page will tell if the money you invested into advertisements, such as PPC campaigns, media buying or email marketing, was well spent. There are numerous blogs or companies that will give you excellent advice on how to make a good landing page. We shall refrain from that. From our perspective we want you to consider the following:

Must landing pages be a “Do or Die” situation? Either a visitor converts or is lost for good?

In a certain sense, yes. To have good results from a landing page you will enclose it as much as can, make a clear call-to-action and try everything to focus the visitor’s attention on the next step you want them to do: To download a trial, click on “Buy”, etc.

You will limit, if not totally remove, any other navigation possibilities on this site. And here we dare to say, no: Also on a landing page, dare to be open to communication with you visitors. Don’t fall victim to the assumption that every visitor exiting your landing was no potential customer from the beginning and was here for the wrong reasons.

Say you have a great conversion rate on your landing page of 5%, that is really a conversion rate your competitors will envy you for, does this mean that all the other 95% came from badly target traffic?

The good news is, that is not the case. You have more visitors to your landing page that are interested in your product than your conversion rate tells you. But these visitors face some kind of barriers to follow your call-to-action. Could be everything from missing trust, to problems to understand the scope of your product or simply being short on money.

You should put considerable efforts in finding out what these barriers are and how they can be overcome, because within the 95% of exiting visitors there are still leads to be harvested and sales to be closed.

If this something you are interested in, you should add Kampyle feedback forms to your landing page. Placed in the lower corner of your landing page, Kampyle feedback button is discreet enough not to interfere with the call-to-action and main message of your landing page.

On the other hand it is visible and user-friendly enough to give your visitor a tool to communicate with your company and to give you the second chance to convert these visitors. A chance you certainly do not want to miss.

This two-folded approach of lead generation on landing pages can bring you up to 45% conversion rate within the feedback providers that shared their contact details.

And there is more to Kampyle’s lead generation solution: If you stay with the “Do or Die” view on your landing page, the only thing you can do to make real impact on your ROI, is to drive more and more traffic to your landing page. Kampyle’s end-to-end solution optimizes the lead generation funnel on your already existing traffic. Dare to see that you, in this very given moment, already have more potential on your landing page as you manage to utilize. Start to use it.

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