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Three Quick and Easy Ways to Boost Your Summer Campaigns

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After months of planning, the summer shopping season has arrived. Major seasonal campaigns have begun, and more are scheduled to launch in the coming days and weeks. And now, the great optimization race begins. Marketing, product and conversion optimization professionals tune into every analytics rise, dip, and blip, improving and optimizing their media and messaging as well as tweaking every possible variable along the purchase funnel to improve sales and conversions.

Customer feedback can dramatically accelerate your optimization and campaign performance. Consider the following. Retailers and eCommerce sites rely on performance analytics to understand where customers are coming from, what they are buying, what they are not buying, and at what funnel stages they are dropping off. One of their main challenges is understanding why their customers act the way they do. By adding customer feedback to performance analytics, businesses can quickly and easily learn why customers are dropping off and how they can improve their performance.

With customer experience developing so rapidly, some brands easily connect their feedback channel to the relevant stakeholder in the organization (support, inventory, shipping, IT etc) so that the roadblocks to sales completion are met, treated and solved as soon as possibly can. Some brands go even a step further and automate their contact to the customer to notify their problem or question have been solved.

Learn how you can use customer feedback to quickly improve your campaign performance in our latest content, the Summer Campaign Optimization Kit.

Here are three examples of how customers insights helped analyze analytics:

  1. Easily Fix Underperforming Landing Pages
    The majority of customers who arrive on landing pages will bounce. Customers generally fail to progress beyond a landing page because they (a) expected something different on your landing pages or (b) didn’t understand or appreciate the message you are conveying on your landing pages.By gathering customer feedback on your underperforming landing pages, you can better understand why customers are not progressing in real-time. Whereas traditional landing page optimization takes weeks of tweaking and testing, your customer feedback will tell you exactly what you need to change, improving your performance in just days.
  2. Quickly Increase Customer Conversions
    Customers drop out of your purchase funnel for a variety of reasons. Sometimes you don’t have the right inventory. Sometimes the customers are confused or unsatisfied with your payment or shipping options. And sometimes your customers are just using your shopping cart as a bookmark, saving items for later review and consideration. Your analytics can tell you where your customers are abandoning their purchases, but they cannot tell you why or how to improve.Asking customers for feedback across your purchase funnel will tell you where and why your customers are frustrated. Now that you know how you can improve your performance, you need to prioritize each possible effort. Simply match your customer ratings, requests and suggestions with your analytics trends to project the impact of each potential improvement. Focus your efforts on improvements with the fastest turnaround times and the largest projected impact.And don’t forget, every time a customer leaves negative feedback, you have another potential sale walking out the door. Increase your chances of converting these customers with automated, personalized Thank You message or email. Be sure to include a discount code or a coupon for free shipping. This will both improve your conversion rate and tell the customer that you truly value their input.
  3. Improve Your Paid Media Click Through Rate (CTR)
    There are a number of reasons why customers may not click on an ad. Sometimes your ad doesn’t have the right design, copy or call to action. Sometimes the customer isn’t interested in your product or service. And sometimes your timing isn’t right. Finding out why your paid media is underperforming using analytics alone takes time, effort and a good deal of guesswork.Customer feedback can tell you how to improve your click through rates in days. Just use your feedback forms to turn your loyal customers into a mini-focus group. Show them a sampling of your ads and ask them for their feedback to improve your copy, design and calls to action. Or, ask them what their favorite sites are to improve your targeting. We have found that many customers appreciate being asked for their opinions, particularly when it comes to advertising and product selection.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. For the past seven years, we have helped eRetailers and eCommerce sites improve their performance, the faster, smarter, easier way – with customer feedback. Download our Summer Campaign Optimization Kit and learn how you can start improving your campaigns, today.

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