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The Four Keys to a Successful Kampyle Deployment

Congratulations on joining the 55,000+ companies that are improving engagement with their website visitors using Kampyle! Now what? How do you ensure that you are getting the most out of Kampyle for your business? In this blog post I will outline four steps that can help you maximize the value you gain from feedback for your sales, marketing, support and product development efforts.

1. Customize your feedback button

When it comes to the button, which is your offer and invitation for your website visitors to leave feedback, it is all about keeping the balance. In no way should the button distract your visitors from the original call-to-action on your page. While blending the button design into the look and feel of your website is important, you still want to make it attractive enough to serve as a second-tier call-to-action. Don’t hide it! This will let your visitors know you are there for them and ensures you will collect valuable feedback data.

2. Place the feedback button on every page of your site

Today’s website visitor is marked by an extremely short attention span, the average visitor takes about 10 seconds to make a decision about your website. If they encounter an issue on a page without a feedback button, they will not search for the button on another page; they will redirect off your website in frustration. You must always provide your visitors with the opportunity to easily communicate with you. The feedback button on every page will ensure the increased quantity, quality, and consistency of submissions.

3. Customize multiple forms and spread them throughout your website

Every section of your website should have a separate customized form with relevant categories and subcategories. Your company logo should be added to all forms. If you don’t take the time to show your customers you care about your forms, why should they?

4. Strategically deploy proactive Push Invitations on important website funnels

Push invitations are the driving force behind some of the most valuable feedback you can receive for your website; the reason why a visitor is leaving. Through Kampyle technology, these forms invite visitors to leave feedback right before they attempt to leave your website. Instead of relying on a visitor to kindly leave their feedback before they leave, the push invitation pops up on their screen at the point of abandonment. Understanding these reasons for leaving are the key to optimizing your funnels and increasing conversion rates. For more information on how the push invitation works, follow this link. Following these four keys will ensure you are on the right track to a successful Kampyle deployment. This information is not meant to be a substitute for working with our Account Managers, who assist with the strategic deployment of your account. Clients working with our Account’s team report an average increased conversion of 30%

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