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Technology and Health-Care or: How Kampyle Improves Your Health

Working at Kampyle is fantastic. The atmosphere is one that engenders open and clear communication. This is both, part of the Kampyle culture as well as the culture of the companies that we serve.

In this blog post, one of our senior developers, Mendi Shapiro shares his own view about how Kampyle’s feedback platform impacts the health of Kampyle employees and the employees of our clients.

Smile to Stay Healthy

What our grandmothers already knew, medical research recently proved: there is a direct impact and correlation between the physical and mental state of a person. People who are happy and laugh a lot are less likely to develop illnesses. This means that people should put more emphasis on being satisfied with their lives and worry less in order to be healthy.

I really think that my work as a developer and the work of all my colleagues here at Kampyle is part of the effort to make people happier and healthier.

Why Online Shopping Might Make You Ill

Let’s talk about the pool of our potential clients and the fact that being in the online business is not easy and worries abound. As a website owner you might get frustrated that despite all the hard work of promoting your website the number of customers is still not sufficient and might not provide enough revenue to keep your business running.

For example, if you are managing an online store, you might question if your marketing approach and selling pitch is to blame. Or perhaps sales are slow because the clients cannot complete their orders? Or maybe your customers are unable to find the information to help them make their buying decision, simply to choose the right product or service? Questions and worries wherever you look.

And now let’s get into the shoes of our clients’ customers – online visitors to myriads of different websites. They too have their worries: They are looking for a service or product and cannot find it or cannot figure out how to use it properly. Or they have an idea how to improve the product, service or their customer experience, but feel there is no one to share their idea with.

These customers might be discouraged by the notion that the company or site they are visiting doesn’t really care about them.

In short, bad business on one side and a bad customer experience on the other make us sad, which medical research tells us can be detrimental to our health.

How Kampyle Improves Your Health

This is where Kampyle, and me as a part of it, comes into the picture and makes a contribution to improve the health of people around the world.

Kampyle’s feedback solution will put an end to the worrying questions of what is not working on a website. It’s not that Kampyle will tell you what the problems are, but rather will allow your very own customers to tell you. And when you engage them by listening to and acting on their feedback, they will be thrilled by the improvements made on the site/service/product, leaving everyone involved, much happier and healthier!

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