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Tattoo Manufacturing Excels with Qualified Leads

It is time for changing our outlook: If temporary tattoos mean only the treats at your son’s pirate theme birthday party to you, know that it is big business. Certainly for temporary tattoo maker Tattoo Manufacturing, owning 90% of the North American market and dominating the international market as well. How do we define “qualified leads”? Simply as leads that convert? So how to call the leads Tattoo Manufacturing managed to gain with Kampyle’s feedback and lead generation solution, that do not only convert, but convert with an average order value increased by 220%? Guess it is still too early for establishing a new terminology, but how’s about “qualified value leads”?

Tattoo Manufacturing is an amazing company: industry leadership, brand awareness and a demand for 6 million temporary tattoos per day. Its web presence, TattooSales.com, offers tattoos in some 30 main categories and endless subcategories, and everything possible from custom to fashion tattoos.

To meet their goals in online sales Tattoo Manufacturing made large investments in SEO, PPC and media buying. Returns were disappointing and the website still did not live up to its full potential. Tattoo Manufacturing turned to Kampyle to see if connecting to its visitors by feedback forms could change the picture. And it certainly did:

  • Based on an initial 290 feedback forms, Tattoo Manufacturing captured contact details on 65% of the respondents
  • The average order value for those who left feedback was 220% higher than the average order value for overall site visitors
  • Those leaving feedback converted at a rate 10 times higher than the conversion rates the company experienced as a result of search engine optimization or pay-per-click campaigns

There are many elements that lead to such an outstanding success. Tattoo Manufacturing’s clever use of Kampyle’s solution is certainly one of them. Having a feedback button naturally integrated to their web design, laying out the feedback form in all their categories and sub-categories, and combining the feedback with a 15% discount bonus, paved the ground to receive the leads it takes.

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