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Take Your Customer Experience to the Next Level

In 2014, Gartner published a survey in which 89% of the responding companies said that by 2016 they expected to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience. However, a recent article in Forbes noted that ‘although 93% of senior executives stated that improving customer experience is one of their company’s top three priorities in the next two years, only 37% are currently moving forward with a formal initiative to improve it.’ Along with Forrester’s latest CX Index – showing that over 80% of companies are still only receiving customer ratings of OK or less in CX – it would seem that although companies and CX professionals are well aware of the importance of improving their CX, it’s still hard for many to achieve.

If you really want to improve your CX, saying it and reading articles on how to improve it are no longer going to cut it – you need to make some real changes to your current situation, and invest in a Voice of Customer (VoC) program, which can help you accomplish your goals.

Improving your customer experience boils down to 3 steps – engaging with your clients, analyzing their behavior and acting on it. So if you want to take your CX to the next level, you need to talk to your customers and seek their advice.

An effective VoC program will allow you to engage with users in multiple ways, through various channels (web and mobile). The key is to develop a systematic approach which will ensure an ongoing dialogue between you and your customers, keeping you constantly in tune with their needs and wants.

Select the touchpoints that make the most sense for you to engage with your customer, and ask them to provide feedback. A good VoC program will allow you to create flexible surveys which can encompass NPS ratings, specific and targeted questions as well as leave space for free text.

Make sure your surveys fit in with your brand (in terms of design and language) so that they feel like an organic extension of your website/mobile app. Your CX program should ensure that your surveys load quickly, and are as unobtrusive as possible – invest in a program which is technologically advanced, as customers do not have patience for slow or buggy forms.

Once you start collecting customer feedback, you’ll be on your way to understanding your customers’, and learning how to improve their journey, as you are getting valuable information on what’s working and what’s not, straight from your customers. Detailed dashboards and reports are crucial in order for you to analyze your customers’ behavior and act on it.  Realize The in­sights that you gain from feedback will allow you to actively take steps in improving customer satisfaction and experience.  You can use real-time alerts to let stakeholders know when specific feedback comes in, – for example, set a rule so that any feedback that contains mention of bugs or technical issues be routed to IT, in real time, so they can act quickly. Some programs will allow you to send automated responses to customers who submit feedback, which lets you go that extra mile in showing your customers how important their feedback is.

Moving forward with your CX can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. You do however need to take that next step, and start engaging with your customers. The answers to improving your CX are all there – you just need to listen to them.

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