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Reduce Shopping Cart Abandons

With average cart abandonment rates hovering between 55% and 75%, small improvements can mean significant revenue gains for e-commerce brands.

Integrate Kampyle Insight with Web Analytics

Layer targeted, qualitative insight on web and funnel analytics to optimize conversion and decrease cart abandonment.

  • Find commonalities and trends among visitors who abandon their cart
  • Detect funnel process usability issues that lead to abandonment
  • Invite feedback based on visitor behavior to understand root causes of abandonment
  • Identify issues that fill your funnel with visitors not ready to purchase
  • Identify demand for new products or improvements to existing products
  • Integrate easily with quantitative web analytics, heat maps, and visitor sampling

Improve the Mobile Experience

Mobile commerce is growing, with recent reports indicating that annual increases in time spent shopping from tablets and mobile phones are exponential.   Kampyle helps you provide positive experiences across mobile channels that are consistent and integrated with your desktop and in-store experiences.

  • Understand and address the unique needs and questions of your mobile clients
  • Learn where they fit into your purchase funnel
  • Get integrated results across touch points for a complete, cross-channel picture of how your customers relate to your brand and how to increase their satisfaction
  • Improve your support for various devices and mobile screen resolutions by associating feedback with rich device-information automatically

Act to Improve Purchase Completion Rates

Developing a deep understanding of events and motivations behind cart abandonment is only the first step. To increase purchase completion rates you need to act on the insights you uncover.

  • Intercept visitors abandoning their carts and redirect them to relevant site content or offer a chat or call-back option
  • Route technical and usability issues to relevant teams for follow up
  • Encourage completion of purchases with context-appropriate incentives such as discounts or coupon codes, delivered by call agent or auto-reply emails

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