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See How Customer Feedback can Help Your Company

Kampyle is a robust, scalable and secure enterprise platform for customer feedback that enables you to listen to your customers, understand their needs and then act to delight your customers and create real business value.

The Kampyle platform provides a set of solutions to apply customer feedback to your organization’s challenges, including:


Quick Start Program

Quick Start Program

Think it will take weeks or months to get started with customer feedback? Think again. Kampyle’s proven deployment methodology will have you inviting customers to give feedback in a matter of days.

Our professional services team will help you:

  • Identify the exact places on your website where it makes sense to invite customers to give feedback
  • Create powerful feedback invitations that support your exacting brand standards, look, and feel
  • Turn messy, unstructured, qualitative customer feedback into orderly, structured insight so you can see what is and isn’t working for your customer

Understand What’s Really Going on with Customers

Customer surveys capture customer feedback around the issues you already know are getting in the way of your success.  But the nature of customer surveys is the focus on what you already know or think you know is going on with your customers.  But what about the unknowns?

Kampyle helps you identify issues you know about and issues that you don’t.  Identify points of failure on your website.  Set up triggers to invite customers to give feedback at those exact points.

Understand What’s Really Going on with Customers
Visualize Customer Feedback Data in New Ways

Visualize Customer Feedback Data in New Ways

The average Customer Feedback initiative throws off a ton of data.  Work with us and we’ll make sure that you don’t drown in all that data.

  • Executive Dashboard: Know exactly what’s going on with your customer
  • Funnel View:  Map customer feedback to the various steps in your funnel.  Great for e-commerce, to understand why customers are not completing their transactions with you.
  • Word Chart and Sentiment Analysis: Quickly and easily pinpoint which issues are most problematic for your customers.

Turn Customer Feedback Data into Action

We want you to see an immediate return on your investment in customer feedback. To prevent customer satisfaction problems and abandoned shopping carts from happening.

  • Real-time Intervention: Engage with customers who are giving you feedback using auto reply e-mail, click-to-call, or live chat
  • Intelligent Routing: Automatically route feedback to the right person or group at your company for more timely intervention
urn Customer Feedback Data into Action

Simple. Powerful. Customer Feedback for the Digital Enterprise.