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In the cutthroat travel market, Kampyle helps travel & leisure brands thrive by eliminating on-site hurdles and enabling brands to quickly understand their customers requirements and address them. In an industry that any technical barrier or bug is translated in thousands of dollars per minute listening to your customers voice is a 24/7 task.


In an industry which your customers are seeking high communication with minimum interactions and friction with their providers, your digital assets are the preferred mean of communication for sales, support and marketing. Tap onto your customers voice to best learn their needs before planning great changes and developments as well as to provide them with a better experience in every touch point.

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One of the best kept secrets in the financial industry is that customers have an ambivalent relationship with your brand. As you need to maintain their satisfaction, while constantly move actions to direct and digital channels for optimizing performance and revenues, it is extremely important to engage and converse with your customers at every touch point and opportunity in which they engage with one of their most valuable assets.


In a world where every touch point throughout your customer journey has a measurable effect on your bottom line results, marketers are sure to put any tool and platform to use to raise their conversion. However, nothing matches the precision and effect of your
customers voice – they are the ones who will share why they act the way they do – as expected by your team, or not.

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Publishers & Media

As publishers are after eyeballs, time on site and loyalty it’s important to measure and track the best performing items and pages – and then understand why to duplicate success. Adding and interactive and dynamic voice of customer solution is the easiest way to follow your customers as they experience your news and insights and see why makes them tick.”


Governmental institutions are picking up the pace and moving to providing information and services through web and mobile. Therefore, the more they understand their customer flows and challenges the better they will be able to serve. Governments who interact with their citizens on an ongoing basis have proved to get higher satisfaction ratings, and moreover accomplish tasks which otherwise would have required great manpower and costly processes.

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testmonialsMarkus Eberhard, Head of Online, Swisscom

¨With Kampyle we were able to effectively optimize our online support pages. We dramatically increased the number of support requests solved online by 15%. This has led to savings in just 12 months¨

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