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Does Your Site Have Processes? Hint – yes, and you can get Process Level feedback

“If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.”
—W. Edwards Deming

What is a process? A process is a part of the website that was created with a specific target in mind. It usually includes many pages working together for a common goal. Every site has processes: registration, searching items, purchasing, shipping and more. Every site has goals: selling goods, registering users, generate leads, share information, etc. Your website’s success will always be measured by the extent to which your processes achieve their required goals. That’s why Process Level Feedback is the right approach, if you want to understand how your website is performing and what you can do to get better results. Typical ecommerce websites will usually have 3 main processes:

Public pages

This section will usually include the open, informational areas of the site. These pages serve the purpose of quickly and efficiently advertise what you sell while inspiring trust and interest, and providing important information clients look for. The homepage, the About Us section or Services pages are example of Public pages.

Product Search / Product Catalog

Product search pages are all the pages involved in helping your clients find the product they are looking for.

Shopping Cart / Check Out

The Check Out process includes all the pages that serve the purpose of allowing clients to make a purchase (shopping cart, etc…).

Take shopping carts for example: everyone wants to reduce shopping cart abandonment. Getting feedback on a specific page in the shopping cart or check out process is a great way to learn how to improve that page. But what if the page is only part of the problem? What if your customers feel that the entire process is too long, too slow, or unclear?

You need a holistic view of shopping cart feedback; a view that goes beyond the individual page.

Kampyle is the only service that provides Process Level Feedback, conveniently piecing it together for you to give the widest possible picture, i.e. a holistic view of your entire website. Kampyle’s solution is simple – create multiple feedback forms and customize them with categories and sub categories that fit the process they are in. Your users will find the most relevant topics to provide their feedback in the quickest way possible, while you will get the information on what really matters to you and your site. You can then choose to filter the whole management application to show you data coming from each feedback form separately. We will follow up on this post with more on the importance of using multiple feedback forms (one per process), giving some examples of how each feedback form should be customized to fit process it is in, followed by a post on getting Process Level Feedback from the Advanced Reporting interface. See you then!

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