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Since using Kampyle: InkJetSuperstore experiences 8% increase in conversion rates, 5% reduction in customer service calls.

It doesn’t take magic for a company to transform an unhappy customer into a satisfied, loyal cheerleader for its brand. It takes an effort to listen and a dedication to turning customer feedback into action.

InkJetSuperstore.com, a reseller of printer consumable products, saw that formula for transformation come to life when it implemented Kampyle. Since adding feedback analytics to its Web site, InkJetSuperstore.com has experienced an 8 percent increase in conversion rates and a 5 percent reduction in phone calls to customer service. When the company receives negative feedback from a prospect regarding a product, service or Web site function, Kampyle alerts customer service agents who send back a personal response, often along with a discount or refund, turning potential critics of the company into strong supporters. Among the more than 300 feedback items InkJetSuperstore.com receives each week are details that also help the company to anticipate future needs, sales opportunities and site upgrades. In a crowded marketplace, feedback analytics are giving InkJetSuperstore.com a competitive advantage.

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