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Travel & Leisure Case Study

Enhancing The Customer Experience Makes Bookings Soar

About The Brand

This travel and leisure brand was founded in the late 1950s and publicly listed in the 1990s. Millions of consumers visit their website each year. Through 70 company-operated branches, five major online tourism companies and a call center, the brand provides a wide range of travel and entertainment services including airline tickets, hotel reservations, tour packages, car rentals, cruises and more. The company’s 24/7 call center offers customer support and information as well as inbound sales, and outbound sales based on leads and incomplete dockets from the website and agencies.

The Challenge

Today, with 57% of travel reservations booked on the Internet, travel & leisure brands are facing unique and powerful competitive pressures. In a complicated ecosystem that includes online travel agencies (OTAs), airline and hotel websites, and travel aggregators, consumers quickly and easily compare prices and packages while searching for the most attractive deals.

The wide range of dates, destinations, accommodations and options make travel sites highly complex and affords many opportunities for friction and technical issues that lead visitors to drop from conversion funnels. High checkout totals contribute to often already-cold feet.

Not satisfied with the steady growth it has maintained since going online in 2001, the brand sought a game changer that would maximize conversion rates and minimize site abandonment. The company turned to Kampyle for help discovering what motivates consumers to complete their purchases.

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