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InteriorMark Case Study

Innovative InteriorMark.com Accelerates Onsite Lead Generation by 60% Using Kampyle

About InteriorMark.com

InteriorMark, LLC, is a leading online retailer of high-quality furniture and offers a wide range of products on seven websites. A pure-play online retailer, InteriorMark is a leading pioneer in turning the furniture category into a significant market in the virtual arena.

The Challenge

As an online pure-play with average sales tickets ranging from 2,600 to 3,200 US dollars, InteriorMark sees building trust and relationships with its prospects as a primary business-enabling objective. Visitors to its websites must be able to fully experience the products, despite the missing “touch and feel” element, and recognize InteriorMark’s knowledge, credibility and expertise.

InteriorMark is known for its innovative approach, such as providing more detailed product images and videos than any other furniture reseller. While InteriorMark puts its customers at the center of its business, it was still missing qualitative customer data. InteriorMark set out to find new ways of engaging with its online visitors to gain relevant insights.

The customers are the ones that are on the site and experiencing every element of it. InteriorMark wanted to better understand what challenges customers have in finding the products they want, and what hinders them from committing to moving ahead
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