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City Beach Australia Case Study 

City Beach Australia Increases Online Sales 30% and Conversion Rates 25% with Kampyle

About City Beach Australia

With 60 physical stores across Australia, City Beach caters to 13- to 24-year-olds who love skating, surfing, and urban fashion. City Beach Australia provides its customers a unique place to shop and makes its stores fun places to hang out. Its stores feature skate parks, DJs and other diversions. City Beach Australia not only offers great apparel and accessories, but a unique shopping experience and culture.

The Challenge

City Beach Australia had worked hard to create a sense of the beach lifestyle in its physical stores, creating a strong brand culture and community. The company wanted to replicate that atmosphere on its new website, relying heavily on social media to give its customers a way to hang out virtually.

It needed a way for visitors and prospects to communicate their opinions and experiences regarding the site’s ambiance, appearance, products, and functionality.

Kampyle City Beach Australia Case Study
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