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Customer Experience

Enhancing the Customer Experience to Improve Customer Support

Being responsive from a customer support perspective is critical to both solidifying customer loyalty and efficiently running a business …

Voice of the Customer

How to Boost Customer Loyalty with a Voice of the Customer Program

Today, everyone recognizes the link between customer experience and long-term loyalty. Companies have a real opportunity to solidify relationships with existing customers…


Customer Feedback

Optimizing Omni-Channel Experiences with Customer Feedback

Identifying and resolving your largest customer pain points will naturally improve your performance across the board. However, when those pain points are spread out…

testmonialsMarkus Eberhard, Head of Online, Swisscom

¨With Kampyle we were able to effectively optimize our online support pages. We dramatically increased the number of support requests solved online by 15%. This has led to savings in just 12 months¨

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