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Remarketing via Feedback Auto Replies

IIn her latest article, Ecommerce Remarketing: Use a Soft-Sell Tone, Vangie Beal explores how Ecommerce Remarketing and Feedback Auto Replies can be used to engage with website visitors who abandon their shopping cart. Shopping Cart Abandonment is seen as crucial issues for Internet retailers, because the sales funnel doesn’t bring results at the most important step, at the closing of the sale.

For finding best practices how such auto replies emails should be structured, Vangie Beal, herself an experienced online seller and managing editor of Webopedia.com, the free online dictionary for words, phrases and abbreviations from fields if computer and Internet technology, turned to Kampyle and our CEO Ariel Finkelstein. Ariel shared Kampyle’s vast knowledge on communicating with website visitors through auto reply emails. Here are some points for our customers, that should be considered when deciding on auto reply emails:

Use a soft selling approach

Soft selling taken serious is a winner marketing technique, especially when it comes to convert visitors that left a site unsatisfied. Soft selling proved itself countless times by the results our customers receive, regardless if the visitors submitted positive or negative feedback. The great success of Kampyle’s Lead Generation solution cannot be seen only as an automatic sales funnel, but if used as such it is a very powerful tool: If you care about your customers, place them in the center of the marketing message. The results you will achieve will go beyond a single-time conversion. Soft selling in a clear and direct relation to a specific user experience, and Kampyle’s Feedback Analytics give you many indications about this, will let you gain a higher conversion rate, higher average order value, and real customer loyalty.

Be relevant

Relate to the specific situation that brought about the contact in your email. Whatever is known to you about the user experience through Feedback Analytics, try to incorporate this into your email. The marketing and selling pitch should take a secondary part in your emails, which does not make it less effective! It doesn’t really matter if you give away discounts or coupons for the next visit to the site, as long as you stick to our best practice: the incentive given is a result of the action taken by the visitor and his experience. A typical phrasing would be: “Sorry, if our shopping page let you ran into problems. We are happy to hear from you and to assist you. For the trouble caused, please find here a 10% discount link you may use for your next purchase.”

Keep a personal tone

Avoid typically bulk emailing phrases. The less you make your customers feel that is an automatic email, the better. It is talking to a potential customer in a very specific situation and it is not talking about your perfect, top-notch products. Sending a marketing email (e.g. spring offer, get the lowest price ever, offer valid for 24h only) might be too aggressive, and misses out the special situation of the visitor as well as your chance to have this email differentiated from any other emails. Your customer is special, the situation special, and you and your company are special, because you care.

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