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Are you ready for your Voice of the Customer vendor review?

There are dozens of considerations that should go into your Voice of the Customer vendor evaluation. The optimal solution will be simple to deploy, and offer the feedback collection, analysis, third party integrations, automation, expertise and customer support that your business needs. It’s a lot to consider, but we’ve got you covered with The Voice of the Customer Vendor Review.

This comprehensive checklist details the seven primary elements you should consider when selecting the right Voice of the Customer vendor for your business. Feel free to use this checklist as starting point for your RFP, modifying, adding or removing sections as needed.

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The 7 Elements of a Voice of the Customer Vendor Review
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  1. Platform Suitability
    Make sure any prospective vendors can collect feedback across each of your customers touchpoints (e.g. on your website, emails or mobile app).
  2. Security and Scalability
    Your customers expect that their communications with your business will remain private and secured. In some industries, third party security verification is a regulatory necessity. Avoid unpleasant surprises down the line by mapping each vendor’s pricing structure, scalability, localization capabilities and security certifications.
  3. Feedback Collection
    Customizing the look and feel of your feedback invitations, forms, and follow-up experience (e.g. redirect to a new URL) will allow you to provide a seamless customer-journey. Feedback targeting capabilities will allow you to target specific customers with custom feedback forms – generating specific insights from targeted customers. These targeted insights are often incredibly valuable.
  4. Third-Party Integrations
    Matching your customer feedback with third party data provides amazing insights into your customer journey. For example, integrating your session recording with your customer feedback can explain the customer’s journey before and after leaving their feedback. Matching your customer feedback with Google Analytics will reveal the reasons behind your analytics trends.
  5. Reporting
    A strong reporting suite will make it easier to deliver impactful insights. On the other hand, an incomplete reporting dashboard will frustrate your team and multiply the effort needed to locate the value in your mountains of feedback data. For more robust projects, you should also verify that your VoC provider supports data import and export with your current platforms and providers.
  6. Tools for Taking Action
    Replying or auto-replying (with automated personalization) to customer feedback lets the customer know that you care. Automated-routing will send each customer feedback message to the appropriate internal stakeholders. This automation will improve your agility and free up your staff for more important tasks like analysis and optimization.
  7. Customer Service and Success
    VoC vendors offer a range of customer service and consulting capabilities to help you manage your project. Be sure to consider your team’s strengths and weaknesses when choosing the right solution for your needs.

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