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QR Codes for Conferences and Events

With smartphones and mobile communication on the rise, QR codes are popping up everywhere. Recently, we were asked by a client to create and manage QR codes for their internal, B2B conference. Their primary goal in using QR codes was to monitor attendee feedback in real time, but this eventually expanded to include other cool features. The event was attended by over 300 peoples, and the QR codes added real value for the company and the attendees.

Collect Real-Time Feedback

During the Conference With QR codes placed on their ID tags and on strategically located posters and fliers, attendees could easily share mobile feedback with the conference organizers. Using Kampyle’s easy-to-use and intuitive mobile forms, feedback could be given on either the whole conference, specific presentations or any aspect of the event. Powerful real-time reporting and segmentation allowed the conference organizers to analyze feedback based on attendee profile (i.e. associate vs. CEO), session, presenter, and other variables. As some of the presentations were given several times (over the course of 3 days), adjustments and improvements could be made based on the attendee feedback.

Multi-Media Event Invitation

Prior to the event, invitations for the evening performance at the conference were sent out to the attendees. While basic information about the performance was written on the brochure, it was impossible to provide a full, multi-media description on a piece of paper. By including a QR code, attendees could visit the website of the performer and get a real taste in advance.

Full Service ID Tags

Attendees at the conference were given ID tags to facilitate introductions and socializing. However, these tags did much more than just identify the wearer. With a multi-purpose QR code included, attendees could scan their own or others’ tags and view the following options menu:

  • View Conference Schedule
    Attendees could check times and locations for every presentation or event at the conference.
  • Pre-Order Drinks
    Attendees could pre-order their drinks to be ready at a specified time. This fun feature was widely appreciated with long waits at the bar completely eliminated.
  • vCards
    Attendees could easily save to their smartphone (or email to themselves) the contact details of the person whose ID/QR code they just scanned.
  • Collect Real-Time Feedback
    As described above, attendees could share feedback about the overall conference or specific sessions with the event organizers.

Recycling QR Codes

At the end of the conference, attendees could scan the QR codes on their ID tags and access materials such as presentations, pictures and videos, from the event. There was no need to print custom QR codes for this as redirecting QR codes can be easily done without limitation. Tips for Your Next Event Here are some tips for making your event a QR code success:

While people attending B2B events generally have smartphones, many do not have QR code scanner on their mobile device. We advise emailing all attendees in advance, suggesting that they download a QR code scanner so they can fully enjoy the event. Of course, make sure to include several recommendations (and download links) for various devices and operating systems.

The conference host we worked with, enthusiastically promoted the usage of QR codes at the event. Without a question, this was enormously helpful in getting people not familiar with the technology to check it out and use it. At your event, make sure that you actively participate in marketing QR code usage.

QR codes need to be fun to attract a wider audience. By including things like pre-ordering drinks and providing access to multi-media content, more people were persuaded to give the technology a whirl.

As attendees don’t always take their ID tags with them wherever they go, make sure to place QR code posters and fliers at various strategic locations to ensure that folks have access to whatever you are offering via the QR codes. In our case, it ensured they always had access to the online schedule, pre-ordering drinks, and the option to leave feedback on the conference.

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