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Q4 is Coming. If You’re a Retailer, You’d Better Be Ready!

For retailers and e-commerce companies, Q4 is when the rubber hits the road. Customers are looking for fast, no-hassle ways to find and purchase the clothes, furnishings and gifts they need for the holiday season.

As the holidays approach, more customers utilize free moments to shop from their smartphone or tablet, with many planning to complete the orders from their home or office desktop.

So now, before it’s too late, take some quick steps to make sure your business captures its fair share of the seasonal bounty!

Step 1: Analyze now. Understand which search terms are important to you and how much you should bid to nail them.

Step 2: Optimize for mobile. Make sure your emails and landing pages are optimized for mobile users, and that product pages are visible and easy to navigate even on small screens.

Step 3: Develop your selling strategies. Think of breakthrough ways to increase customer awareness. Try retargeting to stay top-of-mind and capture customers who considered buying from you.

Step 4: Keep an ear to the ground and respond fast. Closely monitor feedback around the clock. Be active about thoroughly addressing customer concerns and resolve technical glitches immediately. With volumes high, delays and negative social media will cost you big.

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