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Optimizing Omni-Channel Experiences with Customer Feedback

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Identifying and resolving your largest customer pain points will naturally improve your performance across the board. However, when those pain points are spread out across a variety of platforms, devices, and interactions, it can be difficult to identify and prioritize the issues and their impact on customer experience. This is the challenge that all businesses face in the new omni-channel age of marketing.

Customers are already expecting this multi-channel improvement, with 87% saying that brands need to put more effort into providing a seamless experience across all channels.

As customer engagement shifts from desktop to mobile, and customers use an increasing number of devices to engage with brands, businesses should design and focus their Voice of the Customer programs to understand, prioritize, and improve the customer journey on all channels.

Use a Voice of the Customer Program to Improve Your Omni-Channel Customer Experience

While the term “omni-channel customer experience” may seem daunting, as long as you equip your company with the right tools to monitor every channel and touch point, you have nothing to fear.

Here’s how a Voice of the Customer platform can help:

Collect Feedback from Every Touchpoint

According to Google, 98% of Americans switch between a number of devices daily. As the number of interactions between you and your customers becomes more diverse, it’s become increasingly crucial to gain insight into every touchpoint involved.

Start by collecting feedback across every touchpoint – such as mobile interactions, to understand where your customers encounter frustration.

To track a single customer across a multi-channel journey, link your login and CRM systems to your Voice of the Customer platform.

Link Analytics to Your Voice of the Customer Program

Marketers shouldn’t concentrate solely on customer satisfaction levels and Net Promoter Scores – they need to focus on bottom line business results. By linking your analytics and Voice of the Customer platform, you can use customer feedback insights to explain broader performance trends for metrics such as bounce rates, conversions, support requests, and more.

To do that, you’ll need to correlate customer feedback with a large information set of data from CRMs, eCommerce platforms, web analytics, social media, and more. Naturally, the data will have to be analyzed as a whole, and by specific channel, to see where the variances lie.

This level of integration will enable you to understand what’s happening at every touchpoint and why your customers are behaving in a particular way.

Improve Customer Experience Across All Channels

A Voice of the Customer program will tell you exactly why customers are dropping off, and where their friction points lie. Armed with this intelligence, you can prioritize what needs to be done to improve every element in your omni-channel strategy.

For example, if customers love your website but find your mobile app lacking in functionality, invest more in your development program. If customers think it takes too long to start shopping again after putting something in their cart, find ways to process their transactions faster. When analyzing the data, look for easy fixes that can be implemented quickly, and then begin tackling your customer’s biggest friction points.

Today, there are multiple ways to use technology to interact with your audience, and every touchpoint is an opportunity to solidify customer loyalty. Successful brands know how important it is to make customers feel like they’re being listened to, and that their needs are being met. By collecting the right feedback, asking the right questions at the right touchpoint, and acting on them – you too can make your customer’s journey an extremely favorable experience.
To discover how easy improving your omni-channel customer experience can be, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with Kampyle’s Customer Success Team today.

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