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New Media and Consumers – Are you Listening and Engaging Online?

Customers are savvy creatures. They know how to find the best product, the best price and the best way to grab a company’s attention when they have problems. A recent article at MediaPost highlights the 2009 Cone Consumer New Media Study, which found that more customers are using new media – Twitter, Facebook, blogs, YouTube and other social networks – to let corporations know when they are unhappy.

Sixty-one percent of the new media users surveyed in September 2009 said they expect companies to solve problems and provide product or service information via these networks. They want to be heard and they want to know you are listening. Consumer attitudes toward online interaction with companies are improving, according to the Cone study. But while the increase in interaction via social media offers benefits to both customers and businesses, it also raises a question: Are companies who wait to hear about problems via public social networks as savvy as their customers? Why aren’t these businesses leveraging the one-on-one relationships they could build on their own Web sites via feedback analytics? Our users – tens of thousands of companies as varied as EyeBuyDirect.com, a prescription eyeglasses retailer and Twiddy, a vacation home rental agency – are using Kampyle Feedback Analytics to proactively ask customers for their input on products, services and Web site functionality.

These businesses use direct customer input to make crucial decisions in purchasing, marketing and IT. And their customers notice. Listen and engage with your customers in as many ways as you can, use both social media and feedback analytics to strengthen all of your online communication channels.

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