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New Features Update: Easy Feedback Management Tools

This week, we’ve added 2 new features that will make managing your site’s feedback easier, quicker and more efficient.

Our customers regularly ask us for new features and we make it a point to be attentive to your feedback.

Here are 2 new features that we are happy to bring to you:

Feedback Comments

Thanks to this new addition, you can now: – add your notes to feedback items – notify co-workers of action taken on a feedback – add keywords to feedback items for searching, grouping and analysis You can later find all commented feedback in the new “Commented” folder that we have added to the Feedback Inbox’s left menu. Adding a new comment is extremely simple. Just choose “Add Comment” in the “more” menu and enter your comment .


Feedback Status Management

Managing the status of feedback items (new/in progress/completed) allows you to get a quick snapshot of where you stand with your feedback. By consulting the “Feedback by Status” chart in the Feedback Dashboard, you’ll be able to quickly tell whether you are up to date on your feedback, or whether you need catch up on a few items. Keeping the status report up to date is not much easier: have you just read and responded to a group of feedback items? Mark them all as “Read and Completed” in just 1 click in the More Actions menu! By simply choosing the feedback items that have been read and no longer require any action, and marking them as completed (see image below), you can manage your feedback inbox more efficiently for you and your colleagues.

These new features are the result of the need to effectively manage feedback from the feedback inbox, which was communicated to us by our users.

Thanks to your ideas and suggestions this task will now be significantly easier! Keep sending us your great feedback and let us know what you think about these new features! thank you, the Kampyle Team

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