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New eBook: Net Promoter Online – Driving Success with Actionable Feedback

Enterprises around the world have been successfully using the Net Promoter system to increase customer satisfaction and grow their ROI. Apple used it to become one of the most successful bricks and mortar retailers. Charles Schwab used it to regain their position as a leader in the banking industry. And Rackspace used it to become a world-class hosting company. These companies and others continue to use NPS for their offline business activities, as they understand that keeping their customers delighted is the way to go (and grow).<

NPS in the Online World

But as business is increasingly conducted online – via e-commerce sites, mobile apps and the like – it’s time for companies to start incorporating NPS into their digital strategy. Measuring customer satisfaction across myriad touch-points and interactions of an online journey is very different than measuring NPS for offline customer engagements. Likewise, collecting feedback that uncovers root causes of online customer satisfaction or lack thereof can be daunting.

Segmenting data based on the operating systems or mobile devices that customers use, or any other variable for that matter, is also no small feat. And sharing all this information with the relevant teams so that they can take action and “close the loop” with the customer, can be a huge logistical headache.

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