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Listen to your users in 60 languages – Feedback Form Translation

In today’s world, Internet sites of all kinds must, increasingly, be able to provide services for clients from all corners of the world. Implementing this insight ourselves, Kampyle can now offer its clients the ability to do the same. If your site’s content is in one language, why should your Feedback Form be in another? You can now translate any given Feedback Form Instance to over 60 languages. Kampyle will remember your translation, thereby assisting you in the creation and translation of future Feedback Form instances. Is your website multi-lingual? Use the Feedback Form Translation feature to make sure that your users can access a feedback form in each page of your site, in the specific page’s language!

The Translation feature was designed so that translated categories can still be identified by Kampyle as the original-language categories, allowing you to view them in the Feedback Inbox in a single language of your choosing: in effect, the original and the translated feedback forms are the same instance.

More than just receive feedbacks, Kampyle gives you the ability to manage them. An important tool in that aspect is the Instance Filter, which allows you to filter your feedback results by feedback form instance.

2Some of our clients who employ multi-lingual support centers have created a feedback form instance for each language, then use the Instance Filter to allow each support team to only view feedbacks in their relevant language. You can also use the Feedback by Page section to view feedbacks sorted by the pages of your website in which they were submitted. Kampyle is all about giving your users the opportunity to voice their opinion, and giving you, the website owner, a powerful tool to hear it as well as respond to it: “Closing the feedback loop”. The new Feedback Form Customization and Translation Features help us in achieving just that, and I am sure that all our clients can greatly benefit from them.

Translate your Feedback Form by logging in to Kampyle, then proceed to the Management Application > Administration > Feedback Form Customization, and press the link ‘Translate’ next to the relevant Feedback Form instance.

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