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Learn how Rent-A-Home.com.au completed a successful website redesign with the help of Kampyle!

We’ve recently published a great case study thanks to the guys at Rent-a-home.com.au. Rent-A-Home, a website that specializes in holiday accommodation for short term or long stay across Australia, have recently completed a major redesign of their website, and have since been striving to improve customer experience and conversions with various analytics tools. They implemented Kampyle’s website feedback solution on all of its pages with the aim of allowing their users to submit feedback in any section of the site.

The results came in immediately – Justin Butterworth, Managing Director: “Our customers are telling us they are happier with the site and it’s showing in our conversion rates. We spend less time explaining how to use the site and more time actually serving customers and transacting… Kampyle, we love it.”

In addition Rent-A-Home received thousands of feedback items a month. Grading among users has gradually improved by 30% in a few months. So congratulations to Rent-A-Home for their successful redesign and great use of Kampyle!

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