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Lead Generation: To Give and to Take

Every relationship and communication is based on give and take. No news here. But did you ever ask yourself, what is the right timing for taking?

In Lead Generation, we try to capture the actual contact details of prospects, giving us the go ahead to contact them to sell our products and services. There are many ways to generate leads, but one lead generation tactic is to draw a qualified audience to your website by offering quality content. You put considerable effort into writing White Papers, Guides and Market Studies and you are prepared to give them to your website visitors for free. Not truly altruistic giving, though, as you would like to get something in return: their contact details. Many websites, especially in B2B, make it mandatory to fill in a form, either basic (email, name, phone) or advanced (adding requests for company details, position, budget, current issues, etc) PRIOR TO THE DOWNLOAD.

Is this best practice? The attitude behind it is a push “you will get it for free, and this is certainly information you would like to lay your hands on, but first give me something”. You may even go as far to say, that this is selling your material and contact details are the currency.

Mac McIntosh, just awarded as #1 of the Sales Lead Management Association’s 2010 “Top 50 Most Influential People”, suggests otherwise in the article “Effective Web Lead Generation Techniques” on CMSWiRE. He experienced that only some 9% of prospects were ready to give their details before downloading the quality content offered.

Investing some time in experimenting, McIntosh realized that he can do much better by making the download immediately accessible and having it accompanied by a “Thank you for downloading ” message and asking NOW for the contact details. “That resulted in a 45% form completion rate, vs. the 9%. Perhaps this is because I gave them something valuable first, then asked for more information.”

In short: Timing matters. Give it a thought. It is not by pure chance that the request for contact details closes Kampyle’s feedback form experience: After website visitors were enabled to easily give feedback, the readiness to share contact details is extremely high, up to some 60% (!).

Is there all a “give” in that?

Well there is: Kampyle’s lead generation and feedback solutions GIVES your website visitors a place to express themselves. This kind of free expression, starts a very positive interaction.

Only yesterday I tried to give a compliment on a blog post I liked, but in whatever way I was trying to submit my comment, I got blocked with requests to have my social media accounts being accessed by a third party software. This was not to my liking, and I gave up. In this sense I would make an alteration on McIntosh’s “first give and then take” lecture. First let your site visitors succeed in what they were planning to do (to download a white paper, to give a feedback, etc.), then ask them to leave their contact details.You will experience an increase in the number of leads and very likely you will generate more qualified leads.

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