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Know Your Users – User Integration

A new and important feature has been added to Kampyle lately. This feature will allow website owners to get the most out of their feedbacks, while giving more to their users: “Closing the Feedback Loop”.

We have recently received recurring feedback from several clients, outlining what really matters to many website owners: getting feedback from their most important customers, as well as being able to get back to them. For a website owner, the ability to receive feedback is crucial, but knowing who the feedback is from and being able to respond to it is equally so. There is a great deal of difference between different types of customers. In the same way, there can be great differences in the meaning and repercussions of their Feedback. That is why the ability to know more about the users who submitted feedbacks would be a great analytics tool, and that is what User Integration is!

Kampyle has several ways of responding to that need.email The first way is to ask each user that submits a feedback to leave his e-mail before submitting his feedback. Sending the e-mail address, is, of course optional. If a user decides not to submit his e-mail address, his feedback will be registered as a “Guest” feedback. If he decides to submit, his e-mail will be available to the website owner.

With User Integration, users that are logged in to your website are automatically recognized by Kampyle. In this way, when your users provide feedback while logged in to your website, Kampyle can let you know that feedback was submitted by one of your own users. You will then not only be able to give the feedback the required attention, but you will also be able to contact your client, informing him of the status of his feedback: that’s “Closing the Feedback Loop”!

Obviously, Kampyle lets you choose exactly which information you would like to share, so as not to violate your users’ privacy. You configure what information is sent and how! Implementation of User Integration is simple, quick and easy: no more than a few minutes of work.

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