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The Key to Social Commerce Success is Voice of the Customer

Since the dawn of digital social media, marketers and publishers have been trying to monetize this channel. With this week’s news, Twitter has taken the next great step forward.

Earlier this week, Twitter introduced “dedicated pages”, a new feature that will allow eCommerce merchants to feature and sell their products right from their Twitter streams. Just like they did on Pinterest, savvy marketers and publishers will be quick to adopt and experiment with this new feature. Tapping into direct-revenue streams while effectively monetizing their well-earned fan base will finally give their endless efforts and resources in their fan base the expected outcome. The immediacy and ease-of-sharing make “dedicated pages” a potent platform for flash-sales and promotional product releases. In addition to the direct-revenue potential of this platform, well-executed efforts will further grow the brand’s Twitter following while generating a great deal of chatter around new products and features.

It is imperative that marketers adapt their customer service and Voice of the Customer approaches to this new dynamic to understand their needs, motivations and improve their performance. For example, customers purchase items on Twitter will also demand customer service on Twitter. Unlike website chat or phone support, Twitter conversations are generally public and are far from the ideal environment for one-on-one customer support. However, sending a customer a short link to your website feedback forms will allow the customer to get the access and support they need without compromising your brand integrity or customer privacy.

On that note, as customers and brands become increasingly socially savvy, your customers will look for similar social engagement on your website. A well-defined Voice of the Customer program will allow you to tap into your customers throughout their journey and across every page of your website, asking just the right customers for the right input and insights to improve your customer experience, conversion rates and customer loyalty.

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