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Kampyle’s Premium Services: For People who Mean Business

New Premium Services

‘From’ name configuration

You set the name that will appear in the “from” field of emails being sent from Kampyle to your users.

‘Reply to’ email address configuration

You set the “reply-to” address of emails sent from Kampyle to your users, allowing you to direct your users’ responses to the correct recipients within your company. All you need to do is enter the email address to which you want to direct replies to, and verify them using Kampyle’s verification email.

Find it on: ‘Settings’ (on the left navigation menu) > ‘Email Settings’.

Auto-reply email customization

Write your own auto-reply email, and make it fit your exact needs. This new feature lets you manage multilingual emails, and match specific auto-reply emails to specific feedback forms, allowing you, for example, to send different emails to users who left feedback on different pages. Simply choose your emails’ subject and body text then save the changes you’ve done. You can also insert useful links using html code. Just above the email’s text configuration, for example, you’ll be able to choose your emails “From Name” settings, and have your company’s name appear in the “from” field.

Find it on: ‘Feedback Form’ (on the left navigation menu) > ‘Feedback FormCustomization’, and press the ‘Auto Reply Email’ link next to your feedback form.

Set minimum time on site before asking for feedback

This new feature will allow you to choose how long you wish to wait before actively asking your users for feedback using Kampyle’s push mechanism. You are able to choose, for instance, to wait 1 minute from the time a user has entered your site before prompting him for feedback. This feature couldn’t be simpler to use: choose a time period from a dropdown list in the embed URL section of the customization wizard, and that’s it. You will need to recopy the code into your website after choosing a value from the dropdown list.

Find it on: ‘Feedback Form’ (on the left navigation menu) > ‘Feedback Form Customization’, and press the ‘Embed URL’ link next to your feedback form.

Feedback button language selection

Want to ask your users for feedback in their own language? Kampyle offers you a selection of feedback buttons that match the language you’ve selected for your feedback form. Selecting your feedback form’s language in the customization wizard will automatically allow you to choose from a variety of feedback buttons in the chosen language.

 Advanced Account Settings

  • Time zone configuration: you can now set the appropriate time zone for your area, allowing you to know the precise time in which feedback was received.
  • Privacy Protection: In accordance with local legislation, choose whether you wish your users’ IP numbers to be collected and displayed.

Find it on:: ‘Settings’ (on the left navigation menu) > ‘Advanced Settings’.

View Filter

Filter the items in the Feedback Inbox showing items with or without descriptions and emails. You can also filter items based on the form of submission (did the user press the feedback button or did he provide feedback upon your explicit request)

Find it on: ‘Feedback Inbox’ > Top right corner of the Feedback Inbox.

Coming next on our Premium Package:

Kampyle will soon be adding additional features that have not yet been released. Here are few of them:

  • Forward feedback item from within the inbox
  • User Management
  • Manage multiple websites on one account
  • Feedback Form Analytics page – analyze the performance of your feedback form and feedback button
  • Feedback Inbox folder management
  • “Canned” responses in ‘Reply to Users’
  • And more…

Additional Feature Enhancements

  • Re-organization of the menu: new, more intuitive left menu allows you to navigate Kampyle with greater ease and speed. Find exactly what you need in a single click.
  • Actively ask for Feedback -‘Remind me later’: Your users can now choose to be reminded later to submit feedback, if the feedback prompting mechanism has appeared in an uncomfortable time.
  • Form of submission: Did the user press the Feedback Button or respond to your explicit request for feedback? In each item in the Feedback Inbox there is a new property called ‘Submission’. ‘Feedback Button’ for feedback resulting from user’s pressing on the Feedback Button and ‘Active Request’ for feedback resulting from explicit request for feedback.
  • Send Implementation code to webmaster: Easily ask your webmaster to implement Kampyle on your website by sending him the implementation code and instructions by email, through a simple link in the last page of the customization wizard.

With this set of new features Kampyle has taken Feedback Analytics to the next level, providing the usability, efficiency, and flexibility that businesses need.

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