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Kampyle’s new Advanced Reporting: Feedback Like you’ve Never Seen Before.

This week, Kampyle has launched some of the most amazing features ever introduced in the world of feedback analytics. “Advanced Feedback Reporting” is the general name describing over 12 new Analytics pages that allows website owners to get more, better, and faster insight into their customers’ needs.

Kampyle’s latest additions to the already impressive array of feedback analytics tools come in two sections: General Feedback Info, and Users’ Info.

The General Feedback Info contains information about the content of the submitted feedback itself, while the Users’ Info section contains information about the users who have submitted the feedback.

Here is some more detailed information about each new section, and its uses:

General Feedback Info

The General Feedback Info section provides website owners with the clear, detailed, and accessible data about the content of the collected customer feedback. Using the different pages of this section, website owners are able to save valuable time, getting the most elusive insights in seconds. The sub-menus of this section are:

  • Overview: provides the website owner with the main feedback “headlines” with regard to the content of the feedback. With detailed analysis of feedback over time, this section allows to quickly identify trends and changes.
  • Categorization: Lets website owners find out which feedback categories and sub-categories were most reported, and the average grades for each of these, thus identifying problems points in seconds.
  • Grade: Allows website owners to learn which issues are associated with the lowest grades to find and solve the most urgent problems.
  • Feedback Forms: Websites using multiple feedback forms are able to find out which issues were the most prevalent in each of the website feedback forms in use.
  • Languages: Websites using multiple language feedback forms can now quickly learn which issues are most common within each feedback form language in use, in order to identify country-related issues in seconds.

User’s Information

The Users’ Info section gives the website owner the ability to quickly locate and understand the causes that lay behind the feedback submitted by users. By analyzing the data relating to the users who submitted feedback, website owners can gain tremendous insights on their users, and the ability to understand and fix problems in record time. The sub-menus of this section are:

  • Country: Allows website owners to find the connection between the feedback submitted and the location of the users who submitted it. Any issues of a regional nature will be quickly identified using this feature.
  • Browser: Allows website owners to instantly identify whether some issues reported by users are browser-related, making possible to solve them as quickly as possible.
  • Operating System: Lets website owners find out if certain reported issues are related to the operating systems in use by their users.
  • Browser Language: Using this tool, website owners can quickly find out whether issues reported are related to the browser language settings configured by users who reported feedback.
  • Screen Resolution: Lets website owners instantly identify whether issues reported by users are related to their screen resolution settings.
  • Color Depth: Allows website owner to quickly find out if issues reported by users are related to the color depth configuration of the users who reported them.
  • Cookies: This tool allows website users to instantly learn whether issues reported by users are related to their cookies settings.


These new analytics capabilities give Kampyle users amazing insights into the thoughts and needs of their customers, and are sure to help them understand customers, and increase sales and customer satisfaction.


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