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Kampyle Transforms Lead Generation by Delivering Self-Selecting, Hot Prospects Directly to Sales Teams


Kampyle Users Close More Deals Faster by Turning Customer Feedback Into Sales

Boston, MA–(Marketwire – February 15, 2011) – Kampyle today announced it enables businesses to use the power of prospect-driven conversation to convert highly qualified leads into customers. Kampyle users have long reported that visitors who leave feedback and contact information are serious prospects and that up to 45 percent of them ultimately convert to a sale. Kampyle helps sales and marketing teams maximize their lead-generation investments by qualifying and optimizing prospects through direct engagement regarding the issues visitors value most. This approach enables businesses to capture, nurture and convert online visitors to customers, resulting in increased revenue potential from their most important investments and assets — their websites.

As every salesperson knows, closing a deal is basically a matter of making the right offer to the right prospect at the right time. Direct feedback from prospects lets a salesperson know exactly what an individual likes and dislikes, unlocking a level of intelligence that is a powerful tool to close sales. Kampyle enables sales teams to establish a real relationship with the prospect by opening the conversation and then propelling it effortlessly with pre-defined parameters that identify a lead’s status. By helping visitors interact and build relationships with brands, companies turn feedback into money.

“Using Kampyle’s feedback form to engage directly with our customers increased our average order price for online purchases by 220 percent, with more than 65 percent of users leaving their contact details for additional online conversions,” said Amber Golden, marketing communications specialist for Tattoo Sales.

“Kampyle gives us a 30 percent website conversion rate, which is 10 times greater than our search engine optimization, pay per click, and other strategies combined. We see instant ROI; the investment to maintain the campaign is small, yet it generates a high conversion rate and provides invaluable feedback to us regarding our site.”

Kampyle’s customized feedback forms and rule engines allow sales, marketing and support teams to communicate with visitors regarding the specific pages they visit. By serving the right feedback form at the right time, visitors are more likely to complete it. Once they do, Kampyle’s tagging feature qualifies the feedback and routes it to the sales, marketing and/or support teams. From here, the feedback is a qualified lead that can be followed up on via:

  • Auto-response e-mails: Based on specific feedback, sales and marketing teams can script responses, including time-based incentives and coupons.
  • Sales calls: For the leads that do not convert based on the auto response, Kamyple’s open APIs allow the sales team to integrate feedback-fueled leads with other data sources — including customer relationship management, Web analytics and salesforce — to optimize processes and reduce sales cycles.
  • Marketing efforts: Companies can keep the communication channel to the prospect open and establish a forum to reach a large number of qualified leads on a regular basis.

Michael Weal, business development manager at online music store Reidys, said, “Kampyle feedback has created a nice revenue stream for us. Twenty-five percent of visitors who leave feedback ultimately convert to a sale.”

“Kampyle-captured customer feedback has delivered proven value to every department of the enterprise, and now, we’re showing marketing and sales teams how to use this data to end the days of single digit conversions,” said Ariel Finkelstein, CEO of Kampyle. “Sales teams can deliver impressive results simply by listening, engaging and converting their website visitors. There is no more effective way to generate an active, lucrative sales funnel.”

About Kampyle

Kampyle transforms the way companies interact with website visitors, enabling businesses to optimize the user experience and boost sales. Our easy-to-use software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution collects, analyzes and measures online visitor feedback, then delivers that data to sales and marketing teams via a lead generation dashboard. Since the product’s launch in 2008, Kampyle has powered more than 45,000 companies who use feedback to gain insight into user behavior, enhance product and service offerings, and convert up to 45 percent of the visitors who leave contact information. Kampyle has processed more than 12 million feedback forms in over 60 languages in 191 countries to date.

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