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Kampyle Tips: Four Essentials for Increasing Conversions

Here’s four actions you can take to improve conversion rates – today!

1. Add Contact Fields to your feedback forms

Ask visitors who leave feedback for their contact information so that you can follow-up with them. The Contact Field feature automatically prompts visitors who leave feedback for their contact information, including name, e-mail address and phone number. Fifty percent of them do, letting you follow-up with them and convert them to customers.

2. Smart Feedback Forwarding/Alerts

Set-up smart rules that automatically forward visitor feedback to the appropriate people or departments your company in real time. Forward hot leads to your sales teams, and reports of broken links other glitches to your webmaster immediately. Smart Feedback Forwarding automatically sends written feedback, along with the visitor’s contact fields, URL and visitor data.

3. Auto-Reply E-Mail

Send customized emails to all visitors who provide their contact info with their feedback automatically. To build a solid relationship, thank them for their feedback and invite them to continue communicating with you. To increase conversions, offer them an incentive, such as a 5% discount or free shipping with a coupon code. Auto-Reply e-mail messages can be customized per feedback form.

4. Exit Pop-Up Feedback Request

Actively invite visitors who abandon shopping carts or other key scenarios for their feedback – and increase your feedback rate by 60%. This feature gives you a tremendous opportunity to identify and address obstacles to conversion. Need to upgrade your service to take advantage of these essentials?

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