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Kampyle: the Perfect Holiday Readiness Tool

Kampyle’s Holiday Readiness Tips

The holiday season is within sight: time for e-commerce retailers to prepare for the most important sales period of the year. These are times when more than ever, every sale counts and every customer matters. Product search, product placement, and usability – these are issues with constant room for improvement that translates to added revenue.This means that in the world of online retail, there is no such thing as “ready enough”. Always improving and listening to your customers are key to maintain a loyal customer base and increase sales, and that is exactly what Kampyle is all about!

Are you running an e-commerce website? Now is the perfect time to give you some valuable Kampyle tips that can go a long way in helping you to prepare your online business to work at full capacity.

Tip 1: Create Multiple Feedback Forms

Questions such as “why are users leaving shopping carts?” and “how can I increase conversion rates?” are never more relevant than now, and they can be answered by your own users – simply by asking them for feedback! In a business lacking direct customer contact, Kampyle is a great way to make sure that you always know what your users need. Use different feedback forms for different areas of your website; create special categories to direct your users towards what you really want to know about the most important areas of your site.

Planning changes? Place Kampyle’s feedback forms in strategic locations, and minimize risks by learning how your users react to the changes you want to introduce. With Kampyle, you’ll be able to know how your users feel about your site and why, in real time. Here is a great way to go about this: place a feedback form on your homepage, to serve as a more general feedback source, and other, specialized feedback forms in important areas such as shopping carts or payment pages. You will later be able to filter feedback results by feedback form instance, and identify your site’s strengths and weaknesses by page, or area.

“Kampyle.com feedback application is a must have for any online business that cares about its customers. The feedback you learn is invaluable…”
—Eric McCoy, Founder and CEO, of Heels.com

Tip 2: Let Your Users Know You’ve Acted

Kampyle isn’t just about viewing your customers feedback, or acting on it: it’s also about letting your users know that you listen. Over 60% of users submit their real e-mail in Kampyle’s feedback form when asked. In addition Kampyle gives you the ability to get back to multiple customers with a simple click. Let your customers know that you have listened to them, and win them back by telling how you’ve acted on their needs. These users will be much more likely to pay you a visit the next time they shop online.

“The greatest experts are your users, and Kampyle provides you today with the best tool out there to gather data on what your users think about you, and what they would like you to do in order to improve your site…”—Jared Oken, CIO, GetPrice.com.au

Tip 3:Pay Attention to Compliments

The feedback received from your users will greatly assist you in improving your site and the services it provides. These improvement will not be ignored by potential customers in such a highly competitive market. But you will also get a lot of complimenting feedback telling you what your strengths are. Read it – it is just as important to know what needs to be changed, as to know what should remain the same. Knowing what your users love about your site will help you not to make costly mistakes.

“Fantastic tool for businesses like our perfume store. I can’t praise Kampyle enough!”—Nick Fehlberg, ScentbyMe.com

Tip 4: Join Kampyle!

This last tip is directed at those of you still haven’t joined us. There could be no better time than now to join Kampyle, giving yourself the necessary time to listen to your customers and react. Kampyle can help you to get your business to the level of readiness you need, when it matters most.

Happy Holidays from the Kampyle Team!

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