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Kampyle Introduces the NebulaCX Experience Optimizer

Kampyle is excited to announce the launch of the NebulaCX Experience Optimizer.

The NebulaCX Experience Optimizer is a unique and powerful technology that combines Web analytics with Voice of Customer data, providing unparalleled insights into customer behavior, satisfaction, and sentiment.


Web analytics is widely used across all industries and has become a standard technology used by most companies. The data it provides allows companies to see what users are doing on their site/app, and how they behave.


A Voice of Customer (VoC) program allows companies to delve deeper and understand why users behave a certain way. Using VoC, companies can systematically engage with users at every touchpoint of their journey, gaining insight into their wants and needs. These actionable insights are the most effective way for companies to improve the customer experience; in fact, Gartner ranked Voice of Customer the #1 technology to have for customer experience.*


With the introduction of the NebulaCX Experience Optimizer, Kampyle is, for the first time, combining the two most important technologies for understanding user behavior online: Web analytics (the what) and Voice of Customer (the why). By combining the two in a simple easy-to-user interface, the Experience Optimizer offers unprecedented visibility into a user’s actions and motivations, providing a powerful tool for improving customer experience.

The Experience Optimizer’s unique technology allows you to drill down through your analytics funnels, and see user behavior and changes every step of the way:


For every web page and every funnel step, you can quickly get average satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Scores, sentiment and drill down even further into feedback segmentationThe Experience Optimizer lets you quickly pinpoint bottlenecks, conversion blockers, and customer experience issues.

The powerful combination of Web analytics with Voice of Customer data means no user activity will go undetected, allowing you to actively improve your website’s customer experience and make sure your customers keep coming back.

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* Gartner: The Top 10 Strategic Technologies for the Customer Experience, 2015


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