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Kampyle introduces the most user-friendly Voice of Customer Solution – NebulaCX

When it comes to listening to customers – we practice what we preach. Collecting and analyzing our own customer feedback was a critical part of our planning process for our new version. Our customers consistently asked for a simpler, more flexible solution and with NebulaCX, our new Voice of Customer platform, we deliver a far more powerful, dynamic, and easy to use solution than ever before.

Let’s take a look at what customers asked for and how we responded.

Streamline Implementation and Day-to-Day Activities

Many of our savvy customers collect data from different personas and across many touchpoints. In order to be able to continuously optimize their customer experience and adapt their interactions quickly to changing needs, they asked us to simplify the form development and deployment process while maintaining the full branding and design capabilities Kampyle is known for.

As a result, we created the powerful NebulaCX Form Builder – giving customers complete control over look and feel, design and content, all in a simple drag and drop interface. Customers can now customize invitations, question formats, rating types, text, fonts and colors and still enjoy pixel-level design control. Not only is it now faster to develop and deploy feedback forms, but it also gives users all the flexibility they need to create an experience that will engage customers at every touchpoint.

Optimize Engagement

Our customers talked about getting more granular and valuable feedback in order to maximize the impact of their program. We took this request to heart and engineered a more dynamic trigger-based engagement model.

NebulaCX can profile and segment visitors based on key criteria (pages visited, length of time on page, browser, history, actions taken, custom parameters, etc). Kampyle users can now create rule-based engagements to efficiently execute, manage and analyze programs in real-time. Forms are dynamic and adapt based on user input to collect the right feedback every time, making sure that every engagement is impactful.

Enhanced Integrations

Another common request from customers was the ability to get the whole picture across all of their solutions and technologies to contextualize the feedback data they were collecting.

In response, we have added integrations for Analytics, CRM, eCommerce and ticketing systems. Now the NebulaCX dashboard not only displays feedback results, NPS and satisfaction ratings but it also lets you drill into more details from 3rd party sources as you investigate customer experience issues across different touchpoints.

Marketers and customer experience professionals can now see the “why” behind the analytics “what”. This information is vital to using the customer’s voice to drive real change.

Increased Visibility

With such a breadth of analytics available to track and compare, our customers needed an easy way to view and report on these insights. What good is combining the data from all of your disparate solutions if you aren’t able to use them together effectively?

This is why NebulaCX provides dashboards to create a bird’s-eye view of your Voice of Customer program as well as in-depth reporting to share these insights. These dashboards allow you to keep track of analytics such as overall responses, NPS scores, strongest engagements and touchpoint breakdown.

In the end, there is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to running a Voice of Customer program. To ensure that we met all of our customers’ individual business goals – be they increasing satisfaction and loyalty, reducing shopping cart abandonment or improving self-help – we made our next-generation offering more robust, more flexible and more in-tune with what you really need.

And best of all – you can test drive NebulaCX free for 30 days – sign up to get access to the full version today to find out how your customers really feel about your brand, products and support programs.

What feature do you think you’ll want to try first? Let us know in the space below.


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