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Kampyle Introduces Ad Feedback to Connect Brands and Publishers with Online Customers and Visitors


New service allows advertisers to improve effectiveness of online advertising campaigns with real user feedback.

NewswireToday – /newswire/ – New York, NY, United States, 2010/11/12 – Kampyle, a provider of feedback analytics solutions, today announced Ad Feedback, a new service that lets companies solicit real-time feedback on their online advertisements. Ad Feedback invites online visitors and customers to comment, rate and offer open-ended feedback, as well as establish a new direct communication channel between advertisers and prospects.

Kampyle Ad Feedback complements today’s analytics solutions by helping advertisers and marketers understand WHY viewers react positively or negatively to ads. Kampyle Ad Feedback invites users to click on a feedback icon in the ad itself to share their opinions. Marketers can then analyze the feedback using Kampyle’s powerful reporting engine and dashboard, enabling them to optimize ad campaigns in real time. Ad Feedback also lets marketers talk directly with prospects who include contact information with their feedback, thereby creating new leads in CRM applications.

“Ad Feedback gives us incredible visibility into how our prospective customers perceive our ads,” said Monika Rut-Koroglu, ad manager for FXCM, an online retail foreign exchange broker. “Using both the positive and negative feedback, we’ve been able to optimize our campaigns.”

Key benefits of Ad Feedback include:

  • Campaign optimization – Click-through rates show how campaigns are performing, but Ad Feedback explains the consumer motivations behind those performance numbers. With full post-launch visibility, creative departments and agencies can understand the positive or negative brand impact, as well as identify which creative elements and placements cause users to react.
  • Open dialogue with prospects – Customers want to express their opinions, and companies that listen to their feedback are rewarded with customer trust and loyalty. Ad Feedback invites visitors to include their contact information, enabling the advertiser to close the loop with prospects. Feedback exchanges are easily integrated with CRM applications.
  • Positive experience for privacy regulations – Kampyle Ad Feedback provides an alternative and positive way for website owners to comply with the self-regulatory principles for Internet-based advertising. By including an opt-out box on the feedback form, the advertiser can transform a negative process into a positive experience.

“Online ads are becoming more personalized and pervasive to consumers on a daily basis, and companies need to interact with website visitors in real time so they can create a more relevant and meaningful experience for them,” said Ariel Finkelstein, CEO of Kampyle. “Ad Feedback gives visitors an opportunity to tell companies exactly what they think about the ads they see, allowing advertisers to produce better content that resonates with customers and helps create stronger brand loyalty.”

To learn more about how Kampyle’s customers are using Ad Feedback, visit the Kampyle team at this week’s Ad-Tech New York conference from November 3-4, in booth 1936, or visit the website.

About Kampyle

Kampyle (kampyle.com) has pioneered the field of online feedback analytics, delivering websites, online retailers and companies a powerful software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to collect, analyze, measure and manage online user feedback on services, products and customer experiences. Founded in 2007, Kampyle has processed more than 12 million feedback forms in over 60 languages, and amassed more than 45,000 customers in 191 countries.

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