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Kampyle Google Analytics Integration: Turbo-Charge Your Web Analytics with User Feedback!

This week, Kampyle has launched a new feature that is sure to make waves: Google Analytics Integration.

This new feature uses Google’s recently published API to integrate web-analytics data with valuable feedback analytics data, providing never-before seen insights on user behavior. The benefits of web-analytics have been demonstrated far and wide, and the many millions of sites using Google Analytics speak for themselves. But the more evident the importance of Web-Analytics was, the more apparent it became that while knowing what your users did on your website is very important, knowing WHY they did it is what you need in order to understand your clients, and increase sales and revenues. This can only be achieved with the combination of feedback data and Web-Analytics, turning the information to actionable analytics. Kampyle’s Integration with Google Analytics was designed to create an actionable, intelligent combination between 2 data sources that meet at specific, crucial intersections.

These points of contact are shown in a simple, intuitive interface inside Kampyle’s feedback analytics. Using Kampyle’s Google Analytics integration, you can now:

  • Benefit from Kampyle’s smart alerts, highlighting important information based on integrated data such as declines in traffic and/or feedback submission.
  • Quickly indentify regional issues, by showing the countries where the most customer feedback was reported in comparison to general traffic.
  • Quickly find out what the average grade and most reported issues were for the top landing and exit pages of your website. ….and much more!

Getting this crucial information is now possible using Kampyle’s Google Analytics Integration. Kampyle’s Google Analytics Integration solves the challenges associated with web analytics, while providing the only website feedback solution fully integrated with Google Analytics’ API.

You can start enjoying the benefits of Kampyle’s Google Analytics Integration today: no additional implementations or installations are necessary!

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