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Kampyle Funnel 2.0 – Gain a holistic view of your funnels!

Debuting at the IRCE this week, Kampyle’s new Funnel 2.0 empowers businesses to uncover detailed consumer insights that enhance understanding and optimizing website funnels. Funnel 2.0 extends web analytics with empirical and granular feedback data to ensure that every aspect of optimization is aligned around the targeted consumers.

Bring your funnels to life for maximum conversion

Every online business is centered on conversion. By designing funnels, you provide a guided path for your website visitors to follow to achieve your conversion goals – whether a sale, downloading of a free trial, or capturing contact details.

Kampyle’s new capabilities eliminate the guesswork from conversion optimization by collecting and analyzing customer feedback shared inside your sales funnels.

Why aren’t they converting?

Trying to improve conversion, you might be tempted to turn to “best practices” articles and endless A/B testing of certain website elements. But after following this impulse you are still likely to be left guessing what is wrong, using trial and error approaches concerning elements you assume are the problem, and with none or little improvements at all.

Only if you make informed, evidence-based decisions will you be able to actually bring your funnels to top performance levels. The key to success is to look at your website and its funnels from the perspective of your customers. At the core of such funnel optimization is collecting online feedback for each stage of the funnel. This enables comprehensive research of blockages and a deep understanding of your visitors and their intentions.

Kampyle Funnel 2.0 – Giving you the answers!

Funnel 2.0 extracts actionable insights to make sure website funnels meet all the expectations of prospects and are delivering maximum performance. Tracking customer experience and behavior takes the guesswork out of optimization efforts and enables companies to react more quickly and with great precision. For each step of your funnel you now hear from your visitors themselves, what went wrong and where there are opportunities for improvement.

Funnel 2.0 features and delivers:

  • A holistic view of what website visitors and customers are experiencing during their online journey inside the website funnels.
  • Feedback data and insights, revealing the reason behind exit, bounce and conversion rates.
  • Integration of previously set-up web analytics funnels (e.g. Google Analytics, Tealeaf, Omniture, and Clicktale), as well as the possibilities to define new funnels directly on the Kampyle Feedback Management platform.

Meet us at IRCE in Chicago

To learn more about Funnel 2.0 and Kampyle’s Feedback Management Solutions, a suite of powerful and easy-to-use tools to fuel marketing performance, sales opportunities and revenue growth, visit Kampyle at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (IRCE).

We are looking forward to show you how we can help you to transform feedback into actionable insight and do better business.

We will be exhibiting at the IRCE at the McCormick Place, Chicago from June 5th-8th.

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