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Kampyle Empowers Small Businesses

In conjunction with National Small Business Week 2011, Kampyle takes pride in its small business customers

National Small Business Week 2011, held in Washington DC from May 16-20, recognizes the contribution of small businesses to the strength of the American economy. More than half of Americans either own or work for a small business and it is their time to celebrate themselves and their achievements over the past year.

Dedicated to support small business customers

From its very beginning Kampyle took care to offer pricing plans meeting any requirements and budgets, and will do so in the future. We understand the unique needs small businesses have. Kampyle’s feedback solution answers two difficulties small businesses face: limited budget and limited human resources.

For small businesses to see ROI fast can be of highest importance. We offer them a sales and marketing tool that enables them to use their resources to their best. Implementing Kampyle’s feedback forms is an investment that not only consolidates within a short time, but also starts to bring revenues almost right away. The free trial that we offer gives our prospects two weeks to try out feedback as a channel to engage and convert website visitors. Usually already in this period the sales made are the best argument for a small business to decide to invest into Kampyle’s solution.

It comes without saying, that a solution suitable for small business has to be easily implemented and fine-tuned, and with minimum maintenance. Kampyle is implemented in minutes, and you are ready to receive feedback throughout your entire website. The next step for our customers is to use our many features to automate the email replies and interaction with the visitor that reach out to you through the feedback. The goal is clear – work the settings out, so you will have no work while getting great leads and sales.

Risk-free upgrade of your Kampyle account

Following up with our customers on their success and results is part of our service. Once seeing the ROI gain through a lower package, the chances are good that you will be able to increase your conversion and sales even more with the next level package.

We constantly update our customers about the feedback missed because of limitations of their current account. We don’t do that to make them feel bad. But this number, passed on free of charge, gives our customers a clear indication of the potential ahead. With these statistics on hand, the calculation becomes rather easy: If you had a good return of investment closing deals with 200 feedback providers per month, but in fact there were 150 more feedback submissions during the same period, well enlarging this sales channel simply pays off.

Small businesses don’t have the luxury to spend money on “experiments” or “trial and failure”-approaches. With upgrading your Kampyle account, you know beforehand what results to expect and the next package comes with additional tools and features to boost your conversion even more.

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