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More Effective Conversion Optimization starts with Understanding What your Customers Think

Kampyle helps you identify issues on your website that impact conversions and act swiftly and effectively to fix them. Making your A/B testing more effective and efficient.  After all, if you don’t know why customers do what they do, it’s hard to generate the right hypotheses to A/B test.

Uncover Issues Affecting Conversions

Discover where to optimize your website to increase conversions and determine the most effective actions to take

  • Identify and uncover user experience issues
  • Pinpoint process bottlenecks
  • Invite feedback based on visitor behavior to understand root causes of abandonment
  • Distinguish visitor segments whose differing motivations for similar on-site activity are undetected by analytics
  • Discover customer preferences and objections that affect conversions
  • Identify demand for new products or improvements to existing products
  • Gather feedback about competitors to better align offerings with market

Act to Improve Conversions

Understanding events in your funnels and the motivations that underlie them is important. However, to increase conversions today you need to act on the insights you uncover.

  • Intercept visitors abandoning your funnel and redirect them to relevant site content, or offer a chat or call back
  • Route technical and usability issues to relevant teams for swift follow-up
  • Pinpoint where to focus conversion optimization efforts for most impact
  • Encourage completion of purchases with context-appropriate incentives (such as discounts or coupon codes) delivered in auto-reply emails
  • Measure and track improvements via feedback-based A/B testing

Drive Relevant Leads into Your Funnel

  • Create more effective marketing campaigns based on real-time customer information
  • Identify site content and structure issues that fill your purchase funnel with visitors who are not ready to purchase
  • Capture lead information from feedback form submissions
  • Engage with leads using auto reply e-mail, click-to-call,or live chat
  • Export leads to your CRM system

Become a customer experience hero today!

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