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Increase Conversions with A/B Testing for Email and Inbound Marketing

Kampyle clients know that when collecting online customer feedback, you can immediately and automatically follow-up with customers by sending them customized auto-reply emails (based on business rules). You can also post messages to the Facebook wall of customers who connected with your site via Facebook Connect. These inbound marketing efforts are great for branding, providing customer support (e.g. redirects to a FAQ), offering discounts, and more.

Companies that do this well, have found that their click-through rate (CTR) is significantly increased, driving more site traffic and conversions. Of course, “getting it right” and crafting the perfect auto-reply email or Facebook post requires a little help from the best usability experts – your customers.

New Split Testing for Auto-Reply Emails and Facebook Postings

This is why Kampyle now offers split testing for auto-reply emails and Facebook posts. Using the split testing capabilities, you can create multiple email/post versions to be automatically sent or posted for different customer feedback test groups. The new functionality allows you to create as many random groups as you need with comprehensive measurement and reporting of the click-through rate for each version. With these test results in hand, you can confidently select the best options for all your auto-reply emails and Facebook wall posts.

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