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Improving Customer Experience in Mobile Apps

More and more users are engaging with brands through mobile devices and specifically through apps. In the US, mobile digital media time is at 51% – significantly higher than desktop at 42%, and out of the time spent on mobiles, 90% is spent on apps. These figures show that it’s now crucial to provide a great in-app customer experience.

Out of all mobile digital media time, 90% is spent on apps

By collecting customer feedback in-app you connect directly with your users and listen to them in real time. There’s no better way to get the true voice of the customer and be on your way to providing a stellar in-app customer experience.

So how do you go about collecting in-app feedback?

Initiate engagement and invite users to provide feedback through short, targeted surveys. By proactively intercepting users who are using your app, you can ensure users are able to achieve their goals, assess usability and improve functionality.

Find the right moment 

Users are open to leaving feedback, as long as you get them at the right moment! Don’t be disruptive and encourage continuous feedback by making your surveys part of the app experience; after a specific task, or concerning a feature your users are in already using.

Ask the right people the right questions 

Target by parameters such as device type, app version, by user behavior, after a specific amount of time and so forth. That way the questions will be relevant, and the user will be in a prime position to answer. Make sure your questions are relevant and contextual; ask about specific features they’re using or how easily they completed a task.

Be ‘Always On’

Have an ‘always on’ feedback menu item that makes it easy for users to provide feedback, even when not prompted. By visibly displaying the option to provide feedback you’re sending a positive message to your users that you are approachable and want to listen to what they have to say.

Act on feedback 

Remember that the most important part of collecting feedback is acting on it! Reports and analytics will give you an in-depth view of your customer experiences, and you can set up real-time alerts to notify stakeholders of relevant feedback. Send automated responses to customers who have submitted feedback, or specify the changes made to your app based on customer feedback in your app updates, so that your users know they’re being heard and that their comments have an impact.

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