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How Do You Improve Your Customer Experience 24/7 Without a Call Center?

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24/7 call centers are there to serve your customers in various situations: finding specific or complimentary products, inquiries, technical support, reporting technical problems, search, comparing between online and offline experiences, questions about shipping, stock, or even asking for information they couldn’t find online. Surprisingly, many customers use this human service to provide feedback and have their customers voice be heard, a feeling which enhances their loyalty as a consequence.

As call centers require a large budget, maintenance and human touch, many brands seek to optimize this operation and offer alternatives throughout their customer journey.

Smart feedback products and processes were found useful in certain cases.

Here at Kampyle we came across a few customer stories in which feedback solutions improved customer experience in places where only call centers managed to do so in the past. 

4 Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience Without a 24/7 Call Center


  1. Prioritize responses to feedback from customers on checkout pages
    Use the contact details capability in your feedback platform to respond to customers who are on checkout pages. A timely response can re-engage the customer, improving their customer experience and increasing the likelihood that the sale will be completed.
  1. Auto-reply to feedback with a well-written thank you message and a coupon
    An automated, well-written thank you message tells your customers that you value their input. Personalize your automated emails by using the name the customer left in the feedback form. Include a coupon as a token of your gratitude to reinforce your commitment to your customers. A coupon with a personalized touch can really a show customer that you understand them and care about them. This also gives them an added incentive to complete their purchases.
  1. Include links to your support content in your automated responses
    The answers to your customer’s everyday questions should be readily available in your support content. Include links to relevant support content in your automated responses. This often helps customers answer their own questions.
  1. Automatically forward relevant feedback to your internal teams
    Use the automation features in your feedback platform to route relevant feedback directly to your internal teams. Routing feedback directly to the right team expedites your response time and improves the customer experience. The automation features in your feedback platform can also be used to notify your customers that their note has been taken into account and is being dealt with.

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